About AWSF

Give a scholarship to a child at no cost to you!

The Arizona Tax Credit Program allows any Arizona taxpayer to contribute to a school tuition organization and get the entire contribution back in the form of a tax credit.

Your taxes, your choice

The state of Arizona allows taxpayers to invest in education. You can make a difference!
Simply contribute the taxes you owe, or have already paid in employer withholding, to AWSF.

This is a dollar for dollar tax credit program. You can give the maximum you owe or have paid the state (your liability), up to the allowable amount.

The gift of your tax dollars creates a legacy that lasts a lifetime. Spark a life-long love of learning by contributing your tax dollars to AWSF.

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The Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation (AWSF) is a school tuition organization. School tuition organizations are state recognized Non- profit 501© (3) organizations which accept tax credit donations and provide scholarships for children attending private schools.

Resources & Tools for Parents and Donors

Download the AWSF Contribution form.
Guide on how you can save on your child’s tuition by raising funds for AWSF.
Guidelines on writing a recommendation letter for a specific student.

Click here to view previous impact of AWSF contributions.